Paolina Amadio, LMFT



My work is grounded in person-centered therapy and the Rogerian concept of “unconditional positive regard”. I utilize various approaches including cognitive behavioral techniques, mindfulness exercises, and expressive arts. Since my California licensure in 2005, I have worked in school settings, individual practice, inpatient facilities and IOP programs. I provide therapy to adults, children, and adolescents. My experience includes eating disorders, addiction, anxiety, depression, and questions about life direction and purpose.

I believe all psychotherapy is identity work. “Who am I? Why do I think and act the way I do? How can I do things differently? What do I bring to the table? What stands in my way of change?”

The best outcomes in therapy are with someone you feel a connection with and whom you trust. Through this relationship, you are supported as you come to discover and rely on your own inner resources and strengths. We will work together to look at things from new perspectives…to find new possibilities and overlooked skills. We do not have to be defined by our problems. We have the opportunity to be more than we have been. A good conversation with a trusted therapist can help you take steps towards a new way of being with yourself and with the world.


Psychotherapy for:

Eating Disorders

Substance Abuse



School Issues

Life Transitions






Women's Issues